Thank God, I continued painting

The first thing I would tell any amateur artist is ‘Never Stop Painting’. Do not think you cannot do some form of art. You can. You have a choice whether you want to do it or no, but it isn’t impossible.

I wanted to paint more after I was finished with my first painting but I didn’t have any more canvases. Buying more canvases was tricky. I had to wait for someone to be going towards Pathankot to pick up canvases. I had no personal transport. So the next week I went to the same art supplies store again and bought four canvases and made a single four paneled painting.


I laid the canvases on the dining table in the way I wanted to and started painting. I sketched and I painted but I used a whole lot of paint which took two weeks to dry. My husband saw my work on the table and asked “Where do we eat?” and I made him eat in the bedroom for two weeks. The painting now hangs in an Officers mess in Punjab.

Encouragement from others gets you far. You enjoy the compliments and it makes you want to paint more. Make sure you are surrounded by positive people. I’m glad I was.

Next I decided if I want more canvases, I need to go to Pathankot more often hence I need means of transport. And sure enough, there it arrived on my first wedding anniversary, a brand new car. It was my freedom on wheels. I used to go to Pathankot so often to buy paint supplies. I even used to visit my friend Divya who lived a mere 25 km away, whenever I felt like it. There were times when my husband arrived at the doorstep and saw a locked door and gave me a call ‘Darling where are you? And where is my lunch?’ And I used to say ‘Go back to work and maybe eat out’. That was fun!!

Driving in Punjab is not easy, especially when you are not used to driving. I had to cross a canal bridge which could accommodate vehicles in only one direction at a time; buffaloes everywhere didn’t make it easy, nor did the Punjabi kudiyan.

That’s just a little about my crazy times in Punjab. Do drop in to read more. I’m going to share a few of my painting tragedies in the next blog. Folks who want to learn a little bit about mistakes that you do not want to make as an artist will find it pretty interesting.




How I made my first painting.

Now that you know why I made my first painting, Let me tell you how I made it. The morning after I bought my first canvas, I waited until I finished my chores. Then I got to wonder, what shall I paint?

Hmm, that’s one big question. Well, I decided to Google painting pictures. Boy was I overwhelmed! Since I didn’t like to draw, I decided to go for something abstract; an abstract tree. I had enough sense to know that I cannot do it all at once since it is oil paint that I was working with. So I got started with the background. Blending colors on canvas was fun, and it came to me naturally. Wait, how did I know how to do that? I guess something good came out of watching my mom paint (besides the beautiful curtains). But then came the tricky part, making the tree. My husband Pascal came back home that afternoon and asked, ‘Are you done?’ Not even close, I said. I’ll draw the tree tomorrow.

Pascal is constant encouragement. He loved the background and said leave it like that. It is beautiful.

Come on, I know better than to believe that.

I wanted the tree to be perfect. But how? I took a thick sheet of paper the next day and drew an awesome looking tree.  Then I took a blade and cut it out like a stencil. Yeah, that was a lot of work.  And I was all prepared to transfer it onto the background when I touched the canvas and realized that it wasn’t dry. I smudged the background a bit, oops!  I then found out (thanks to Google again), that it takes four days to a week to dry. I waited and then once it was dry I made the tree. Believe me when I say stenciling oil paint isn’t an easy task. I finally ended up drawing the tree free hand. Getting rid of the oil from the brushes was a whole other task. I actually thought I had to wipe it off with a rag. Hmm, can you imagine that I dint know about a magic potion named ‘Turpentine’. Oh, the many number of paint brushes I’ve destroyed.

Voila! My very first painting.


Do let me know what you think in the comments below.

And yes, I still get to see the painting whenever I want to. I gifted it to my parents.

More about my experiences in the next blog post.