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Buying art supplies in India

We enthusiastic artists find joy in using any art/craft materials in our work, since mixed media became widely recognized and accepted.  But being an army wife, it definitely wasn’t easy buying art supplies from the remote locations I lived in. I had to figure out a way besides the only option I’d tried so far of getting someone to buy them for me and bring along when they were visiting.  I discovered online shopping and it wasn’t easy but over the years I have a list of places I buy art supplies from and I’m sharing it with you.

The places I’ve bought art supplies from are

G. C. Laha, Kolkata

Reliance stores, Commercial street Bangalore.

Bhaskar and Bhaskar, Avenue road Bangalore.

Bhaskar and sons, Avenue Road and Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Campus Bangalore.

Sapna book house, Elements Mall Bangalore.

Itsy Bitsy, Bangalore.

Himalaya Fine Art, Mumbai.

Now that reminds me of the online shopping sites.

I bought my airbrush supplies from

Despite this being a ‘Shopping in India’ options, I still feel I have to mention which is an excellent website. If you know anyone living in the U. S who can ship the stuff to you then this is a great website for you.

I also buy a lot of paint supplies, especially paintbrushes from and even Also try

I have also found some new sellers from ChitraSanthe that I participated in Jan 2016. You should definitely go there on the first Sunday of the year at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath every year where you will find great deals on canvas, easels, paints and other paint supplies on that day, almost 25-30% off. You will also find new sellers advertising there so you can get their contacts and later visit their stores.

There are a lot more places you can shop from but the above mentioned are the ones I’m familiar with and I do not want to recommend those that I don’t know of.

Well then, Happy Shopping.

Beware: You may burn a hole in your pockets.

If you would like to add any other art supplies shopping stores/sites to this list, then you may leave it in the comments below.

Watch out for the next blog post about Paintbrushes.