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Happy Mothers Day

A few years ago, Mothers day wasn’t even celebrated in India. But now we do. While everyone is busy looking for gifts for their mom and thinking of ways to make her day special, I realize all that she might want from us is our love.

I remember so many wonderful things she did. People tell me that I am blessed with a talent. But it isn’t just that. I used to watch my mom paint. She used to take fabric painting classes at the time where she had to drop me to kindergarten. She didn’t waste her time just waiting. I’ve seen her be creative in so many ways. She did a beautiful nib painting piece over velvet, She made art over metal (I don’t know what it is called), cross-stitch art, knitted tablecloths and so much more. I learnt how to bake my first cake from her. I think I learnt it all from her.

She convinced dad to sell her dream house when we were in financial trouble, she taught me how to handle certain situations around perverts in public places, she taught me some social skills(I used to be very reserved). I can share all my problems with her. She is my best friend.

I love you Mom. Happy Mothers day.

P.S Not to forget, just a phone call to wish my Mother-in-Law ‘ Happy Mothers Day’ made her so very happy.


Art Supplies

Graphite Drawing

Made with Watersoluble graphite

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I first decided to enter an art competition and as if that wasn’t challenge enough, I decided to do a piece in graphite; a medium that is not my strength and I don’t have much experience working with it. Anyway, to add to that challenge, I decided to use a grid system to draw the subject. Phew! I had a big task ahead of me , staring at me, saying ‘I dare You!’

Well, I went with it. I started with a large piece, bigger than A3. I then had to tape it to the wall because I didn’t have a board big enough. So, after I had decided what to paint (which trust me took a long time to decide) I got started. Half an hour through, I was barely half done with drawing the grids and then there was a power cut. Indian summer and load shedding go hand in hand. I don’t have enough light in my studio and I rely on two tube lights. I waited waited and waited and the power came back on after 6 long hours. I decided to wake early the next morning and assured myself ‘No one is going to cut off electricity at 4 am’. So, I woke up at 4 am and started drawing the subject which FYI is a Leopard. By 7:30 am I had my outlines ready. I was so happy. I took a break, made some eggs and cold coffee for myself and my husband and at 9:00 I started with the drawing again. Well, I should’ve known what was to come next. Power cut, sharp at 9:30 am. I put on a rechargeable Emergency light on my table and drew half the background. It was easy peasy, until my emergency light gave up.

I called my husband on his phone and whined for 15 mins until he hung up on me. Well, I had more things to be mad about now. Anyway, I gave up and the next day I started early in the morning again. At around 9 am, I heard the doorbell ring and saw that my husband had sent for an Inverter to be installed. I was so happy. I finally had uninterrupted power supply and then I started. I was excited.

Well, throughout my process of drawing this piece, I found out a lot of things that you need to make a graphite drawing. Here is a list of supplies I bought.

1. Derwent graphitone watersoluble pencils – These are woodless and completely graphite.
2. A Mechanical pencil – useful to get tiny lines and fine details.
3. A kneadeable eraser- very useful to lift graphite from large areas.
4. Tack-it by Faber Castell – very useful to lift graphite to create highlights.
5. Faber Castell 9000 graphite pencils set – these are excellent and almost provide a matt finish.
6. Blending stumps and q tips/ cotton buds.
Best for last…..
7. Tombow Mono Eraser – great to create highlights and is an absolute essential for graphite/ charcoal drawings. Oh what would I do without it.

My husband also bought me a drawing board which meant that I could comfortably paint without adjusting myself to ‘The Wall’. My masking tape also pulled off some paint off the wall and I had to spackle it.

Well, for the sake of the competition, I will not post the photo of the finished piece. Maybe sometime in the future…. but here is a sneak-peek of the Leopard’s paws.

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