About Sylvia

DSCN4979I’m Sylvia D’Silva. I’m an Indian. I’m a self taught artist working primarily in acrylic paint, oil paint, impasto and airbrushing.

I married an Indian Army officer soon after I completed Engineering in Computer Science. I live with my husband in every station he is posted to (which are mostly remote locations, hence no job opportunities). Out of boredom, I bought a set of oil paints and a tiny little canvas and made my very first painting. And I Was Hooked. I never guessed it would lead to my career choice.

I have been painting regularly since Dec 2012. My early works include abstract zodiacs. Following which I made some colorful semi-abstract and fine equine art. I call these my learning process. I love experimenting with various other mediums. I constantly work on creating textures which you can see in my Florals and Trees collection. In addition to all this, I also gravitate towards Fantasy and Surrealism.

I frequently upload my painting videos on YouTube. You’ll also find videos on art tips and tricks, to make learning easier for amateur artists, which took me longer to learn as I had to experiment and learn a few things by myself.

If you are interested in purchasing my paintings or prints of my original work, or even commission a painting, you can contact me here for price and other details.