My experience with working with textures

One thing artists always do is to look at other artists work. My advice for budding young artists is to browse frequently, learn something new from what other artists are doing and try to implement things that you like. As an artist you have to always make sure that you don’t stick to one particular way of painting and say ‘That’s my style’. No, it’s not.  If you don’t experiment new techniques and try out new subjects, how will you know what your style is?

I made the very same mistake when I started. I decided I don’t like realistic art and I knew my drawing was poor , so I told myself and anybody who’d listen that Abstract is my style. ‘I don’t like very realistic paintings you know, I don’t like painting animals, I don’t like making portraits’. Excuses, excuses. That was all it was.

After I was done with the zodiac collection, I was in a dilemma. I didn’t know what to paint next. Sure the zodiacs sold well and it was a good way to make money, but that’s not what being an artist is about. It is not just about making money and selling your paintings. You need to explore. I was advised to make more zodiacs and I didn’t really like making more because I wanted to do something new. So I went to my old advisor back again. Google.

I found some really amazing paintings and I was interested by textures. You’ll see them in the pictures below.

textureblog2 textureblog3 textureblog41a

I was intrigued. But I didn’t know how to make it. I kept searching for ‘How to make textured paintings? What to mix with oil paint to get thick textures?’, but it is not as easy as you think. I dint get the answers I wanted to online.I found this medium called Texture White from Camel. But it could only be used with acrylic paint and I was not used to painting in acrylic. So I mixed a bit of acrylic paint with texture white and made thick flowers directly onto an empty canvas. Once the flowers dried I painted the background in oil and waited a couple of days for it to dry and then painted over the acrylic flowers with oil paint. Phew! A lot of work. Here is the first textured painting I made.


It wasn’t until I got my ‘Oil painting for Dummies’ copy that I found the thing that you mix oil paint with to get thick textures. LIQUIN IMPASTO. It is amazing.

Art Tip: You can paint Oil over Acrylic but you cannot paint acrylic over oil because the acrylic would just peel off over time.

So enjoy, keep exploring and have fun!!