My 13 Favorite Acrylic Painting Supplies

I started painting when I was 24 yrs old and I didn’t know much. I started painting with oil paints and it was great. I learned a lot. When I discovered acrylic paints, I was so frustrated because it is so different from oil paint, especially because of the drying time. But I had so many questions ‘What paints to use? Can I mix it with water?’

Over the years I learnt how to paint in Acrylic by a lot of experimenting and trying out new supplies. So here are a few of my favorite acrylic art supplies.


These are my absolute favorite. The price is the same for any color you choose to buy and is not priced according to the series of colors. They are great to work with and are vibrant and light-fast.

I also use Daler Rowney graduate acrylics, Pebeo Studio Acrylics and Camel Artist acrylics.


These are very reasonably priced, considering the amount of pigment they hold and are great to work with. I use them for fluid acrylic paintings and sometimes for airbrushing.

The acrylic inks by Liquitex Basics are also a great choice.


Airbrushing was an excellent discovery. There are effects you can create with an airbrush which you just cant create as efficiently without one.

Follow the video link to know more (Watch from 3:39 to know about airbrushes)

4. CREATEX Airbrush Paints

These are the paints I use for airbrushing and I dilute it with a little bit of water. The pigment is great, although I feel they are a little bit on the expensive side.

Alternatively I use my acrylic paints and dilute it to use as airbrush paints.


My personal favorite is Mijello Artelier airtight peel off paint palette. There are a lot of other peel off paint palettes you can choose from. I prefer the mijello because of the airtight feature. I can just leave the paint on the palette if I want to take a little break and the paint remains just as fresh and wet.

Watch this video to know more about paint palettes.


Using a spray bottle is the best thing when you are working with acrylic paints. Blending acrylic paints requires you to keep your paints wet long enough to do that. I wouldn’t be able to work with acrylic paints without a spray-bottle.

Alternatively you could also use an airbrush for that but I prefer saving electricity.


I buy whichever canvas is available at a good discount in the art supply store. This is because most machine stretched canvas available in India is manufactured in the same place and just labeled differently. If you are looking for specific brands, I would suggest Camel or FineArt.

If you are buying stretched canvas that is locally made, make sure you see exactly what you are buying and how well it is stretched, watch out for neat edges and clean staples.

8.  Paint BRUSHES

A couple of wash-brushes is a must have as it allows you to cover large areas very quickly. I use filbert brushes for most of my painting and also use liner brushes for fine detailing.


Acrylic paint washes off easily with water. A good washtub is an absolute essential.

Follow the video link to know more about washing paintbrushes.


Liquitex pouring medium is an excellent product to use for pouring paints. It eliminates air bubbles and gives a smooth clear glossy finish and makes the colors look more vibrant.


This medium has been an inspiration to create thick textures and to make textured paintings. You can find a lot of my textured flower painting videos on my YouTube channel. Follow link to my channel here.

12. Flow Improver

This is not an absolute essential but is a great help while blending acrylic paints. 

13. Liquitex Gloss/Matt Varnish

Liquitex Varnish is reasonably priced and gives a very good finish to the paintings. It is essential to varnish acrylic paintings as it protects it from dust and other damage. 

Learn how to varnish here.

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Have a nice day.

By Sylvia DSilva

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