Painting Acrylic on Paper

So, I’ve been wondering what to write about. I then decided that I’ll just write about what I painted in the last couple of weeks.

I have been researching about painting acrylic on paper for a while. I asked around in a few art groups and most of them advised that I should stick to canvas.

Well, I love painting on canvas but being an army wife, it’s getting so hard to store my artwork. It’s much more difficult transporting it every two years.

I’m going to tell you what I did. I took out a watercolor block I had bought a couple of months ago and started painting on it with acrylic. The paper is 440gsm, 100% cotton and acid free. And it is locally made. Those in India, lookout for Chitrapat watercolor blocks in your local art supply store.

Now, coming down to what I painted… I was just trying out something new. I haven’t made abstracts in a while. So I just chose some beautiful colors and started randomly adding it onto paper. I had fun and I love the result.

Not only did I make something new, but it turned out to be good enough to make prints. And I would also sell the originals. So, If you are confused about art supplies and you don’t get any answers online, then just try it out yourself. Someone has to try it, why not you?

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Have a great day.


By Sylvia DSilva

I'm an Artist, You wouldn't believe I have a M.Tech in IT.
I'm fascinated by Art, Fantasy, Magic, Myth; Yup , I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I'm a paintbrush and a nail polish addict.
I am Rebellious. I love traveling. I love architecture. I love scuba diving and sea food. I wanna backpack through Europe. I have a tattoo on my wrist with my husband's name on it and a Paintbrush in the same to represent ME.
Oh yeah, I cry while watching an emotional scene in a movie, I cry after a visit to an orphanage BUT it doesn't mean I'm weak. I'm one of the strongest people I know.
I'm a proud Army wife, I've lived in Jungles and had Elephants ruin my kitchen garden; I see chitals, Nilgais, Hornbills, Peacocks, and many more on a daily basis. I've had experiences No Civilian would ever have in their life.
The only thing I hate is people telling me what to do and how to live my life, when I don't really need their opinion.

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