About Sylvia

I’m Sylvia D’Silva. I’m an Indian. I’m a self taught artist working primarily in acrylic paint, oil paint, impasto and airbrushing.

With its myriad of colours, patterns, movements and textures, it is hard not to get inspired by nature. My paintings are my way of capturing a fragment of nature’s beauty, with a focus on wildlife.

My paintings are a result of spontaneity and playing around with colours and different mediums, and feature realistic subjects organically paired with abstract elements. While I have a strong inclination towards acrylic paints, my works also feature oil paints, inks, watercolours and pastels.

My art is also an extension of my memories and experiences. If you were to ask me if I’d always dreamt of being an artist, the answer would be a “no”. A Bangalore girl with an engineering degree, I never had much patience for painting. An unfortunate accident in 2011 resulted in a serious back injury, and bed rest for months. It was during this period that I took up painting, and found myself falling in love with it.
Painting became my solace, and there has been no going back ever since.

Army wives like me are no strangers to remote postings. One such posting in Rajasthan helped me discover my love for painting wildlife. With not much to do around, in an effort to break the monotony, I would often go on walks and photograph birds in a nearby forest, and come back and paint them. I went from working only with abstracts, to focussing more on details, and eventually creating works that depicted a cohesion between the real and abstract, just as one finds in nature.

My collection of paintings, Aliferous, which means “having wings”, centers around
subjects that have the ability to fly, though not always in the literal sense. I have tried to
capture the freedom and movement associated with flight using acrylic paints and inks.

If you are interested in purchasing my paintings or prints of my original work, or even commission a painting, you can contact me here for price and other details.