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Copyright info for artists

Most artists start off by painting something they see in a picture or a photograph of a painting.

We basically learn by painting something that has already been made by another artist and that is great way to learn. You get to view different techniques. I once saw a painting in which the dandelions looked very real and misty. I watched the artists video and recreated that when I found out the trick was to airbrush.

You see something in the painting created by another artist and you wonder how to create that effect and you try to do the same and it is a great way to learn no doubt about that.

But what you should realize most importantly is that you can’t make the same painting and try to sell it, mainly because the idea isn’t yours. How can you try to make money on something that is somebody else’s idea? It is not right. It is stealing.

So, remember these few things:

Don’t copy paintings with the intention of selling them. Learn from them. You may draw inspiration from them, and make your own original painting. Don’t try to make money on someone else’s idea. You may end up paying heavily for it. Even if the photograph of the painting doesn’t have a copyright stamp, it doesn’t mean it is royalty free.

Photography – it is also a form of art. A photographer deserves credit for the amount of knowledge he has to capture the perfect image. He also deserves the credit for spending the amount of time to capture the perfect image , not to mention his photography equipment that he has spent a lot on. So , what I’m trying to tell you is that you cannot make a painting or an artwork from a photograph unless it is royalty free or unless you have the express permission from the photographer.

So, think twice before you violate the work of another artist and avoid getting stuck into copyright violations.

Think of it this way, say, you make an original painting from your imagination and somebody else sees it online and copies it and sells it and makes money from it. How are you going to feel?

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