Art Supplies

Graphite Drawing

Made with Watersoluble graphite

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I first decided to enter an art competition and as if that wasn’t challenge enough, I decided to do a piece in graphite; a medium that is not my strength and I don’t have much experience working with it. Anyway, to add to that challenge, I decided to use a grid system to draw the subject. Phew! I had a big task ahead of me , staring at me, saying ‘I dare You!’

Well, I went with it. I started with a large piece, bigger than A3. I then had to tape it to the wall because I didn’t have a board big enough. So, after I had decided what to paint (which trust me took a long time to decide) I got started. Half an hour through, I was barely half done with drawing the grids and then there was a power cut. Indian summer and load shedding go hand in hand. I don’t have enough light in my studio and I rely on two tube lights. I waited waited and waited and the power came back on after 6 long hours. I decided to wake early the next morning and assured myself ‘No one is going to cut off electricity at 4 am’. So, I woke up at 4 am and started drawing the subject which FYI is a Leopard. By 7:30 am I had my outlines ready. I was so happy. I took a break, made some eggs and cold coffee for myself and my husband and at 9:00 I started with the drawing again. Well, I should’ve known what was to come next. Power cut, sharp at 9:30 am. I put on a rechargeable Emergency light on my table and drew half the background. It was easy peasy, until my emergency light gave up.

I called my husband on his phone and whined for 15 mins until he hung up on me. Well, I had more things to be mad about now. Anyway, I gave up and the next day I started early in the morning again. At around 9 am, I heard the doorbell ring and saw that my husband had sent for an Inverter to be installed. I was so happy. I finally had uninterrupted power supply and then I started. I was excited.

Well, throughout my process of drawing this piece, I found out a lot of things that you need to make a graphite drawing. Here is a list of supplies I bought.

1. Derwent graphitone watersoluble pencils – These are woodless and completely graphite.
2. A Mechanical pencil – useful to get tiny lines and fine details.
3. A kneadeable eraser- very useful to lift graphite from large areas.
4. Tack-it by Faber Castell – very useful to lift graphite to create highlights.
5. Faber Castell 9000 graphite pencils set – these are excellent and almost provide a matt finish.
6. Blending stumps and q tips/ cotton buds.
Best for last…..
7. Tombow Mono Eraser – great to create highlights and is an absolute essential for graphite/ charcoal drawings. Oh what would I do without it.

My husband also bought me a drawing board which meant that I could comfortably paint without adjusting myself to ‘The Wall’. My masking tape also pulled off some paint off the wall and I had to spackle it.

Well, for the sake of the competition, I will not post the photo of the finished piece. Maybe sometime in the future…. but here is a sneak-peek of the Leopard’s paws.

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